Australian cobberdog - ideal family member

Looking for an intelligent, non-shedding and empathetic dog?


Australian cobberdogs - perfect family dogs

We are boutique Australian cobberdogs breeder called "Summer Lakes". A few years ago we were looking ourselves for a dog that would be perfect for the kids, genetically lacking aggresion, easily trainable and empathetic. After looking several months we ended up with this breed and fall in love. These dogs charmed us with their beautiful look, good health, non-shedding coat, empathy and intelligence. The idea of the breed was to create a family dog with the traits for therapy job and suitable for alergic people. Cobberdogs are often chosen by the families with kids having autistic spectrum disorder. These dogs distinguish with their gentle warm nature, strong eye contact, exceptional bond with humans and intelligence. Cobberdogs were developed in Australia and currently are recognized as a purebreed in development. Breeding is strictly supervised by Master Dog Breeders&Associates (MDBA). All breeders and all litters must be registered in MDBA Australia. All breeding dogs must have genetic tests to ensure that they are healthy. That is why no matter in which country the litter was born puppy pedigrees are issued by MDBA in Australia. Cobberdogs can be miniature, medium or standards, have straight, wavy or curly coat. We breed standards and mediums with straight or wavy coat.

Breeding dogs

Spring Hills Sunlit Mango

Mango - our "teddy bear", first dog of this breed, very gentle, calm and smart friend. She is sweet and funny with grown-ups, enjoys trail-running with me, but is delicate with kids and very careful with babies. Outside she is full of energy playing with other dogs, but very low-energy inside, mostly laying somewhere close nearby.

Mango is a standard, has a straight coat, DNA clear.

Breeding dogs

Wallaby Way Peach

Peach - our love buble. He was born for a therapy role, will always know if someone has a bad day, will snuggle and cuddle and kiss you untill you start smiling. Adores kids, are best buddies with a cat, meet and greet every guest with so much love and good mood it is impossible to resist.

Peach is medium sized, has a wavy coat, DNA clear.

Expected litters

We have a puppy litter of Mango and Peach that was born at the end of May 2023, puppies will be large medium, DNA clear, straight or wavy coat and ready to go to their new home late July - early August. Puppies will be veterinary health checked, microchipped and with up to date vaccinations, will have EU vaccinations passport. ​​​Their pedigree will be issued by MDBA, Australia. Some puppies are still available. If you wish to reserve a puppy, please fill the form below.

About us

We are a large family living in the very nice country side. Dogs are an essential part of our life, living with us as the family members. You can find out more about us and our dogs in the Galery.

Australian cobberdogs- the best choice for a family friend.